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Web and email hosting

Publish your business to a global audience with our website hosting team.

Web hosting

We can host and manage unique websites for you, so whether you require a standard or a full e-commerce site we can produce and tailor a site specific to your needs. ITS supports all the main standards: HTML, PHP, Joomla, MYSQL and SQLServer.

Email hosting

ITS can provide pop3 and imap access if required.

All online mailboxes come with spam and virus filtering as standard.

Domain name Registration

There are many reasons for buying a domain name, regardless of whether you are an individual or a business, and purchasing one can benefit you in many ways.

Perhaps you just want a bit of space on the web and its just for fun, so have a fun domain name, one that's memorable.

For businesses your domain name can become a crucial part of your corporate identity, when customers visit your web site, your domain name can match your trading name. Or vice versa. many people will try http://www.yourbusinessname.com before even searching for your business via a search engine.

For more information on Web and Email Hosting have a look at our new ITS website.