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Windows 8 - Expect a U turn

Microsoft have got Windows 8 wrong with the controversial Metro interface. Like many observers and professionals we are expecting a u-turn.

What is wrong with Windows 8 and Metro and why have Microsoft got it wrong

In our opinion Windows 8 serves the business user very poorly. Metro is designed to make social media more accessible from mobiles and tablets. But we are not interested in feeds, updates and other interruptions on our work desktops. In fact many people find these interruptions annoying and increasingly turn off this software and shut down email (I know I do!). We just want a desktop that lets us get on with our work.

Microsoft have clearly tried to do "An Apple". They have tried to tell us that they know what we want better than us. Except that Apple knew what we wanted and Microsoft doesn't. In fact it appears that Metro is more about what Microsoft wanted (to conquer tablets) rather than what consumers wanted.

What to expect next from Microsoft

We are predicted a low-ish key U-turn. Let's be honest Microsoft do not want to lose face nor do they want to alienate lots of loyal customers.

A low-key u-turn probably looks like a "minor release" and the option to easily switch back to the regular desktop view and a "Start" button. However expect Metro still to be there and very much accessible. 

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