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Broadband reliability back in the news

BT's recent problems highlight the importance of broadband to many businesses. The fix is actually quite simple.

Broadband network outages happen to the biggest and best providers.

BT has had major outages this last week, with problems in the Birmingham area allegedly affecting users on a wider scale. This in turn has left many businesses unable to operate, or struggling to function properly.

Businesses can minimise these internet problems

Here is the simple ITS guide to avoiding issues:

  • Move any business-critical customer-facing servers to the internet.
  • Have two broadband lines with different providers. (One of which should be LLU)
  • Have a plan ready to execute if you do lose internet or power to your office. Have critical data available locally either as print outs or on a hard disk.

ITS can provide automated failover and resilient networks that can protect your business from outages.

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