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First VoIP - is video conferencing next?

Internet telephony (or VoIP) has proved very popular with businesses. Is video conferencing going to benefit from this move to digital collaboration?

The honest answer is that at ITS we aren't sure. Everyone is happy with the modern VoIP business telephone systems - be it an onsite office-based Cisco phone system or a hosted system. This has led to some people asking about extending this digital approach to video conferencing.

What are the benefits of video conferencing?

The main advantages are less time spent travelling and low cost of travel. If you are zipping around in a car all day you could easily run up £30 in petrol not to mention wear and tear. As for your time - well that's priceless!

How does it work?

Pretty simple really. I was shocked the first time I used Cisco Webex when my face appeared without even configuring anything. Most Laptops have a built-in camera and USB ones usually work straight away.

What are the potential snags?

You need good quality broadband, a decent network setup and a proper video conferencing provider. If you cut corners in any of these areas then the conference is likely to be a jerky affair - not good for your image.

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