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New super light laptops hit the market

This autumn has seen the emergence of the (nearly) perfect laptop. Light, powerful and a great battery life - time to take a look.

It's not a new story - where Apple leads the way others follow. The Mac Air has been a success and has proven that people are prepared to pay for light powerful laptops. Now Samsung and Sony have followed and expect others to jump in (Lenovo and Dell?).

What does this perfect business laptop look like?

We'll generalise a bit here but these new laptops from Samsung and Sony pretty much tick all the boxes to make them almost perfect.

  • Lightweight - 1 - 1.3kg. That's barely more than two bottles of coke.
  • Powerful - More power than you need. The latest Core i5 or better, with 4GB of RAM.
  • Great battery life - 8 hours or more. That's a full working day assuming you pop the lid down and let it sleep for a few meetings.

Many new technologies have come together to make all this possible: hard disks made from RAM; lower energy processors and screens; better batteries. It all comes at a price though - expect to pay £1000-£2000.

Obviously these laptops come with Windows 7, will easily run Microsoft Office 2010, and connect to servers.

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