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Android vs iPhone - everyone is a winner except BlackBerry

Which is better? Either way to consumer is getting a great handset that is reliable, powerful and packed with features. Meanwhile, BlackBerry, Palm and Microsoft stumble...

The handsets we buy now really fall into two camps: Apples iPhone and Google's Andriod. We are running both Android and iPhone succesfully at ITS. Everyone is happy with the phones and the apps. Both camps enjoy good battery life and reliable handsets that just work. As for applications, we have all the mobile accessto everyday business we could want (email, contacts, calendar, help desk ticketing, crm, servers ...).

We believe we have Android to thank for this by giving iPhone a serious rival. Both are pushing ahead to give consumers what they want.

As for the others: BlackBerry are on the defensive as they fall foul of governments and face an uphill battle to attract consumers. Microsoft has just struggled for years with Windows Mobile and thrown the towel in on another project. Palm - probably the best of the bunch and we may see a resurgence. The Nintendo Wii proves that .

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